Carolyn K. Correia
July 2016

The life of an athlete is not an easy one. It is sometimes a lonely life. So says Trinidad and Tobago track and field sportsman Jehue Gordon who lives his life by the mantra, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Gordon, who has been signed to Adidas since 2010 and ranks 25th worldwide in the 400 meter hurdles, says his aim is to be in the Top 10. He declares with a winning smile, “With faith and a lot of patience to drive it home, I will get there in time.” The young athlete says he tries not to live a life where people would place him on a pedestal, because most times the life celebrities portray gives a false sense of the person.​

“I want people to see the real me: simple, not trying to be anything extra. I always remember my father’s words to me which were to keep my feet on the ground while you’re going up; because it’s the same people when you are coming back down you will have to see.”​

He shares with Paradise Pulse that he doesn’t behave in an ostentatious way and goes about his business as usual, doing normal things and being as pleasant, yet professional as possible to anyone he encounters.​

Gordon says his family is his driving force and ever since he can remember himself he always had to work hard to get what he wants. “If I wanted something, I went for it. In 2008 when my family’s house was destroyed by a landslide, I realized family was all I had and no matter where I go in life I will always remember this.”​

He was told early on by his athletic team, that “in professional sports you don’t chase the money, you chase the dream” and he emphasizes that the one thing he had control over was how hard he trained and this was his philosophy for winning.​

On the personal side he was the first person locally to train full time and pursue his education and he credits Dr. Iva Gloudon for being instrumental in his success. Gloudon, who was previously the Director of the UWI Sport and Physical Education Centre, is now the TT High Commissioner to Jamaica. Despite needing A-Level passes to be accepted into UWI, Gordon was admitted to study with his SAT scores.​

The athlete, who was awarded a full athletic scholarship from several leading international universities such as Harvard, University of Florida, Mississippi State and Texas A&M International University to name a few, decided to stay at home and study on T&T’s soil.​

In October 2015 he graduated with first class honors in Sports Management and a double minor in Human Resource Management and Marketing. “I just wanted to show the younger ones that you don’t have to go abroad to be successful,” he humbly says.

Gordon says he could not have done this without the help of his friends Camara David, Darlene Lewis, Britney Johnson and Cassie Jacob, who acted as his mentors during the first year of school, since he admits that he was not ready for university life. However, in no time at all, he was excelling in his studies.​

He shares that his alma mater Queen’s Royal College provided the opportunity for exposure. “Once a blue, always a blue,” he says with a smile. He was grateful to travel with the Scouts overseas and would never forget when his house was destroyed and the school allowed him to sell snacks during break time and lunch time to assist with his training after school.

Gordon opens up about his training and diet sharing that athletes don’t eat healthy all the time. “I eat healthy most times but there’s a day during the week where I can cheat.” He trains 6 days a week and rests on Sunday, so he does not have much time for extra-curricular activities.  Despite his hectic schedule, he still makes time for his family and also attends church on his own every week, with Bible study in the evening. Gordon admits that he is single and yet to find a virtuous God-fearing girl who he can respect. He says it’s difficult to find someone who would not judge him because many people stereotype athletes.​

He credits his coach Dr. Ian Hypolite, who has trained him since the age of 12 and keeps him on his toes. Gordon looks up to Hypolite, who he says has been everything to him – Dad, mentor and coach. “My coach is versed in everything – well-rounded and successful in all areas of life - family, business, career, academics. He is a lecturer at the Faculty of Medical Sciences at UWI and now a member of the Board of the Olympic Committee and was Vice President for 8 years. I could not have done all of this without him.”

There are 1000 things to do in the world and Jehue Gordon wants to do it all. “I love helping people, mentoring the younger kids, cooking and I want to have my own health and wellness business one day.” His signature cologne, Ambition by Jehue, which was launched last year, was a huge success and sold out by Christmas. This is the first step in building his dream.​

Jehue Gordon seems to have the Midas touch. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold: sports, academics and business. This athlete is going places! His goal for the Rio Olympics is to win of course and his preparations are a gradual process which, he says, are shaping up quite well for this time of the year.​

We take this opportunity to wish Jehue all the best for Olympics 2016. T&T is very proud of you! #i4tnt!



By: Carolyn K. Correia | FEATURES | July 2016

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