How To Live A Life Of Abundance
  Carolyn K. Correia
March 2016

I am of the firm belief that we are masters of our own destiny. Indeed, our thoughts are very powerful and we can actually ‘will’ things to happen in our lives. The faster we understand this, the more quickly we will be able to create the life of our dreams.


I remember listening to a guest speaker talk about that back at school (eons ago) and today I am living proof. Truth be told – personally at times all I have to do is think about someone or something and moments or days later I receive a phone call, e-mail or that said person or thing shows up in my life at just the right time. Uncanny but true!

People often don’t believe when I tell them this (and in fact at my book launch last year a member of the audience asked if I have superpowers!), but this phenomenon happens to me regularly. My sister even once said to me, “Carolyn, think about the lotto numbers next time!” But I digress. If you permit me, I will tell you my secret to creating abundance.


First, let me define what abundance means to me. For many people the world over, abundance means (financial) wealth. However, wealth may mean different things to different people. Let’s face it, we all need the coloured paper to well…live, but money is not everything. Have you ever heard that some of the wealthiest people are sometimes not the happiest people? Let’s explore this further.


Abundance for me is having enough. That’s it. Simply enough. Enough of everything I need to be comfortable, at peace and happy. I do not need excesses of material things to make me happy. So for example, I love nature (rainbows, sunsets, greenery, birds and water in particular). Time stands still and this brings me an infinite sense of equilibrium. I love music, at times peace and quiet, and I love being surrounded by genuine, positive people who understand me and bring me joy and vice versa.


I love to laugh and make others laugh. I love the reward I enjoy by sharing my talents and assisting others to make a change in their lives or experience real joy or fulfillment. I love that by simply using my talents and gifts, I can make a living. Therefore, abundance to me is being able to support all of my basic needs and some of my wants, knowing that there’s an infinite supply coming to me exactly when I need it.


If you consider the early psychologist Abraham Maslow’s theory of motivation, it can provide an insight into what fuels our desires. Maslow’s theory of motivation suggests that once our lower level needs are met (biological, physiological, safety), we can strive for the higher level needs such as love and belongingness, esteem needs (achievement, mastery, independence, self-respect, respect from others) and self-actualization, which, in my opinion, is when you have achieved true joy – having realized your fullest potential and fulfillment.


When you have become self-actualized, it then means that you have realized that your life has meaning and value. You become aware that you are not an accident and you were indeed born into the world, with your exact family, experiences, limitations and talents for a reason. You are not merely going through the motions and breezing through life on a whim from one day to the next, but in fact you are making a difference since other people’s lives and by extension the world are ‘richer’ because you are in it. For me, this is true wealth that no money can buy. But of course, as with all things that come from a place of love, once you are pursuing something for the right reasons, it’s only a matter of time before you get all the desires of your heart to make for a comfortable and happy life.


So, there it is, that’s my secret to abundance in a nutshell. Think positive thoughts, be grateful for whatever you have (as this opens the door for more blessings), accept your circumstance without making excuses; surround yourself with positive-minded people who have your best interests at heart and never ever give up on your dream. Then watch abundance unfold in your life.


Carolyn K. Correia is the author of Thinking Out Loud and How to Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours. She is also a freelance writer, communications consultant and motivational speaker. Carolyn is passionate about living her dream and inspiring others to also live their best life. You can follow her blog at or connect with her on Facebook – CarolynCorreiaAuthor or email her at

By: Carolyn K. Correia | FEATURES | March 2016

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