10 Things I Hate About You – The Journey Through A Healthy Marriage
  Nerissa Hosein
July 2018

10 Things I Hate About You – The Journey Through A Healthy Marriage

Ever wonder what happened after Snow White married Prince Charming? Oh boy, those fairy tales really gave us just one side, didn’t they?

I’ve been married now for over ten years, I’ve raised a beautiful family with the love of my life, but let me tell you something, it has not been a bed of roses. In a marriage, some days it’s ‘Unhappily Ever After!’ If you can’t make fun of yourself and your relationship, you may be doomed. My husband is my best friend, he’s the Mr. Right to me and I love him, but it takes work.

We all have things that the other person does that drives us Crazy!!!! Trini people love to say, ‘Come see me and come live with me is two different things.’ Boy, are they right! Let’s highlight some pet peeves from both sides:

My peeves:

  • Snores – And not in a soft, cute cuddly way either. Like shakes the wall kind of snore. I have lost hours of sleep due to it
  • Never puts his shoes away – I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve stumbled over them.
  • Leans on my newly cleaned counter – I just wiped and shined my counter and he will come in and just lean right over it, leaving prints all over. I have to hold myself back sometimes.
  • Micromanages me in the kitchen – He thinks he’s a better cook than me so it’s never perfect unless he puts his hand in it.
  • Obsessed with covers – I love being cold at nights, he likes to cover. He’s always trying to sneak the cover on me! Maybe I was a reptile in my last life?
  • Can’t watch a show without me – There are some shows I wish I never have to watch and wish he’d watch on his own. But he won’t so for the love of him I have to suffer through Gotham and The 100.
  • Late eater – I’m just not into late night eating and he is. He will cook up a storm ten minutes before we need to go to bed if it were up to him. This makes us stay up later than necessary and I’m really grumpy past my bedtime.

His Peeves:

  • I leave everything open – okay, I admit it, I may forget to tighten bottle caps and lids sometimes. Has the black pepper fallen out on him a few times? Maybe…
  • Never finish my snacks – I will literally leave one cookie in the pack to come back for the next day. He thinks I’m crazy! It’s one cookie!! Just eat it.
  • I’m a stacker – I will stack things up on each other all over the house. Although it’s done really neat, unfortunately for my husband he has been the victim of a few of those stacks tumbling onto him.
  • Obsessed with soaps/reality TV – he just doesn’t get it but I’ve been watching Bold and Beautiful before meeting him, and everybody loves Jersey Shore right?
  • Can’t watch TV without playing on my phone simultaneously – I just can’t. And plus I’m really good at multitasking but it drives him crazy every time he looks over and I’m checking my phone.
  • Read recaps ahead of episodes – This one is major. I can’t help myself but I do admit it’s annoying that when we sit down to watch our favorite shows, most of the times I know the end because I’ve read the recaps already. I try not to give him spoilers but sometimes it slips.
  • My need for straight lines – I need stuff straight all the time. I can’t see stuff placed on the table or counter without it being straight. He does not know why this bothers me and I don’t either but I will get annoyed by it and there may have even been a few arguments over it.


Seem crazy? Maybe, but we all have those things within us that bother other people but seem perfectly normal to us. The good thing about all these issues is that my husband and I have a great sarcastic banter that allows us to make fun of each other so it’s never too serious. Always make sure you laugh together! That’s the key to surviving marriage!

By: Nerissa Hosein | FEATURES | July 2018