Neval B: The Next Bissambhar Family Superstar
  Vedesh Nath
April 2018

Neval B: The Next Bissambhar Family Superstar

by Vedesh Nath

The Bissambhar family is known for their musical aptitudes. Show me a Bissambhar, and I’ll tell you his/her musical gift!

It is no wonder that the award-winning band D. Rampersad Indi Art Orchestra has remained in the family generation after generation, only getting better with time.

INDI-ART (formerly Indian Art) was formed in the year 1955 by the late Sewak Gyan. In the year 1975, the mantle of leadership was taken over by the dynamic virtuoso Krishna Teddy Bissambhar, under whose leadership the band became sponsored by D. Rampersad & Co. Ltd. From then on, the band gained immense popularity and success which has already spanned over four decades. They have won numerous awards, including the national Hummingbird Gold Medal, and top prizes at competitions such as Saaj Sameelan and many others.

The band provided music and performed at most premium events in Trinbago and also alongside many international celebrities of India such as Kumar Sanu, Nitin Mukesh, Usha Urtup, Hema Saisahai, Anoop Jalota,  Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan and many others.

Now that Teddy is retired the band is led by his two sons - the young musical wizard Akash Bissambhar and his younger brother, the front-liner Neval Bissambhar aka Neval B. Together the brothers have been creating magnificent music appealing to the present and future generations.

Neval recalls taking an interest in music from a very young age, hence proving that musicality is in the genes of his family.

“What made me interested in being involved in music was the fact that it was something which I believe was part of my destiny,” Neval says. Recalling his early hunger for music, he reminisces that growing up as a child and having had the privilege of being exposed to so many musical activities in his household, would only lure him more.

“Listening to my dad rehearse with his band D. Rampersad INDI-ART, it was only natural that I would've developed a passion for music also. After being tutored by my dad to play the guitar at the tender age of 13, I began my musical career as a guitarist at age 14, performing and touring the world alongside my dad and brother. A few years later at age 19, I moved on to singing as a frontline vocalist of our band and from that moment there was no turning back for Neval B.”

He professes that Indi-Art’s main objective will always be to ignite happiness in the hearts of audiences through the art of entertainment.

Neval, who takes time to pen his own songs, is inspired by musical professionals from both the Eastern and Western parts of the World such as Atif Aslam, Shreya Goshal, Sonu Nigam, Arijit Singh, Creed, Nicki Minaj Jennifer Lopez and many others.

His list of compositions is a must for your playlist as it can testify to a meshing of cultures.

Some of his original songs include:

D Gear Lever

D Bhaigan Story

Riding She Bumper

Oh Meh Head Rel Bad

Nacho Nacho

D Sausage

Never Stop Waving

Something Jooking

D Guitar String

Rush and Marry


Anjani Darling

Winer Boy

Naughty Girl

Come in she Party

Fete Everyday

Must Drink Something

Another Bottle

The band itself already has eight albums accredited to its name, a milestone achievement!

When asked about his views on the local musical industry, front-liner Neval B says that he sees great potential.

“Realistically speaking, I believe that musical politics has created toxicity in many aspects of the system. However, from an optimistic point of view, I do have faith that in the future everyone will eventually gravitate towards the light.”

He adds that life in the entertainment industry is one which is filled with lots of excitement, yet it's very time consuming behind the scenes, especially to multi-faceted artistes like himself who serve as the band’s entrepreneur / frontline vocalist / musician / writer. He admits, however, that in the end it is all worth it since success comes with dedication, hard work and sacrifices.

“It's the life of a successful entertainer,” he pontificates. “I have no regrets of becoming an entertainer.  Through my art form I am able to fulfil part of my life's purpose which is making people happy, for without purpose we'll all have no reason to exist.”

He says that young persons who have an interest in music should stay focused and advises to always have passion in the path you choose.

“Remain humble and radiate positive energy in everything you do.”

You can check out Neval B’s music at this link:


By: Vedesh Nath | MUSIC-CULTURE | April 2018

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