Paradise Pulse Comes To CCN TV6!
  Chris Selochan
June 2017

Local television will have an exciting new primetime addition when the lifestyle television programme “Paradise Pulse” debuts on CCN TV6 at 7.30 p.m. on Sunday 25th June, 2017. The series is being produced by Paradise Pulse Online Magazine.

The show will be hosted by popular artist and designer Daniella Walcott. Walcott, who represented Trinidad and Tobago at the 2016 Miss World competition, says that she is excited to be the presenter of the show. “I love the concept and I think that a programme like this is long overdue in Trinidad and Tobago. I’m really happy to be able to a part of this.”

Executive producer Chris Selochan said that the aim was to create something that would match and exceed anything on local or even international television. He continued, “We wanted an upbeat programme with interesting content. The objective was to produce quality television in Trinidad and Tobago that can rival anything on cable. We will be presenting our features from different perspectives and showcasing the people, places, food and culture of Trinidad and Tobago in a unique and compelling way. We’ll have segments on fitness and health that everyone can enjoy. Even our interviews will go beyond what we are accustomed to seeing. There will be a lot of surprises. For example, in our premiere episode, one of our features will be an interview with Destra and we’ll be seeing a side of Destra that few people know. I think many viewers will be stunned.”

The programme will be filmed at the spanking new, ultramodern Star Global Studios in Chaguanas. Director of Star Global Studios Rodney Seemungal said that he was thrilled to have Paradise Pulse as one of his first clients. Seemungal, who has over twenty (20) years experience in the television business, said that he and his team of highly skilled creative experts were committed to ensuring that the production values were of the highest standards. “Paradise Pulse is one of our first productions and we want it to set the standards that we hope Star Global Studios will become known for. We are committed to producing quality local programming and we feel that Paradise Pulse has set the bar very high. We intend to get better with each episode. You can also expect to see more from Star Global Studios soon.”

Clips from the premier can be viewed on this website or on the Paradise Pulse Facebook page at:


The second episode of Paradise Pulse will be shown on Sunday 23rd July 2017 and the third episode will air on Sunday 27th August 2017. Both begin at 7.30 p.m. right after the TV6 Weekend News. In addition, Paradise Pulse is set for international broadcast in the not too distant future.

Paradise Pulse will also be launching a print magazine soon with all new, exciting articles. The magazine will be on sale at bookstores nationwide as well as available for reading at popular locations such as hotels, restaurants and professional offices.

By: Chris Selochan | FEATURES | June 2017