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  Arlene M. Holman
February 0016

A review of Carolyn Correia’s Book Talk & Jazz Event (April 2016)

by Arlene M. Holman – President & Creative Director - LiveStyle magazine

On Saturday 2nd April 2016, I spent the evening with Carolyn K. Correia at her Book Talk and Jazz event, at the charming Chancellor Hotel in St. Anns.  It was truly an inspiring, lovely evening. Listening to Carolyn, you get the sense of a completely genuine woman who is like us in some ways: living life and looking for more.

She spoke of her pathway to freedom if you will, freedom to do what her life’s journey until this point was preparing her to do now. Like so many of us we sense and feel things, we desire more, get tired of the routine of life, but we ignore those signals and never attempt to do something about it. Not Carolyn; she searched, waited, heeded the call, that inner desire, and eventually went with it. In so doing, she embarked on richer life experiences which brought her joy and broke the monotony of her life.

She discovered more about who she was and what she wanted to do now. In a very honest and open way she spoke of her life, which I am sure the many persons there, both men and women, can relate to in a profound way. I know I could, having walked a similar journey. She enquired of us to reflect and at the end, I certainly was inspired to continue in my path of discovering more about the inner “desires” which drive me.

Over glasses of wine, laughter, tears and the poignant sweet jazz songs from Patrice Inglesbirth (which only sought to add to the lovely evening) I can truly say that our spirit, soul and mind were touched.​

After the formal part, most persons stayed to chat, partake from the charming Cibo Café & Poolside Bar and share our stories. A good sign of a successful event, I daresay.

In summary, her message is about the path towards living your best life, which realistically is not always easy, but it is attainable…yes it is. That is if we pursue it with our whole heart and keep pursing those “desires” we feel inside, which are the indicators. Her belief is that God has been her guide during her life thus far and He will continue to guide her. This is also my belief, which makes the journey if not easier, certainly sure.  ​

I bought Carolyn’s book “How to Find Yourself & Claim What’s Yours”and I am on chapter 3 already, because I had to get more. Others bought as well, another sure sign of a successful event. I am looking forward now to the unfolding of my life, having been encouraged by hers, and I certainly agree that we can indeed LIVE OUR BEST LIFE, and for me I always add inSTYLE.


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