I don’t buy into Valentine’s Day
  Nerissa Hosein
February 2019

You can’t blink without seeing roses and teddy bears. Red is the color of the day but after February 14th it will be back to normal...Valentine’s is arguably one of the most commercialised days out there. Every store puts out red items in hopes of luring the public to spend their hard earned money to celebrate their relationships. It has even spread into parents buying kids valentines, friends giving friends gifts and we all eventually fall into the hype of it.

But what’s Valentine’s Day? We know the day got its name from a famous Saint and we have all heard the stories of his daring actions in the name of love. The day itself did originate in the name of love and it is supposed to be a celebration of love. But do we really celebrate love? Is it love if you send flowers or chocolates? If you don’t send it does it mean that you love any less?

Recently times have changed and people have become consumed with material needs, so commercial business has boomed with profits for the day called Valentine’s Day. In schools they sell roses and send song requests for their crushes. But how do the ones that get nothing feel? What happens to the co-workers who watch their counterparts get flowers and chocolates and they get nothing? Many are left feeling sad and lonely on this day. Sad, but true.

The over commercialisation of the day has also changed its true meaning. It forces people who are struggling to spend money because the belief is, if you don’t spend hundreds or even thousands on flowers or teddy bears, you don’t love your significant other. But it’s simply not true.

Real relationships and real love do not need a day to be proven to the public. Real love is about emotions shared throughout the day. It’s the hard times, the tears, the struggles, the simple smiles and the moments that exist between two people. It’s the unconditional love between parents and children, the fierce loyalty between friends and the sweet honesty that exists when no one else is looking.

Do I celebrate Valentine’s Day? Of course I do! But I just don’t do it only on the day suggested. I celebrate it throughout the year. My husband and I work hard and we struggle like every couple, but we try to spend time together. He still brings me flowers and not on a particular day. I send him videos of songs that I love and we make time for each other and our kids.

Sure, Valentine’s Day is a silly, beautiful day but you don’t need to break the wallet to prove your love. And it’s not only for lovers, but for love. So if you can’t afford to buy flowers, write a poem or the words to a song. Remember what the day is actually about and what it signifies. Love does not need material sustenance. As the song “Love In Any Language” by Sandi Patty goes:

                                      “Love in any language, straight from the heart
                                       Pulls us all together, never apart
                                       And once we learn to speak it, all the world will hear
                                       Love in any language, fluently spoken here”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

By: Nerissa Hosein | FEATURES | February 2019