Keon Dwayne Birch

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you are walking towards the line for a Shark & Bake at Maracas Beach on a Saturday afternoon, and you see a guy wearing his Tribe board shorts fresh from the road from Carnival, with his broad shoulders and bulging biceps? Or you're sitting in the beach and your gaze falls upon the perfectly sculpted goddess leaving the water? For a brief moment, your eyes will linger at the size of his chest or the length of her legs, but ultimately migrate to the midsection which undeniably defines their "hotness".
Society dictates that what you see there inevitably influences your overall assessment of their "sexy factor". It is not only okay, but also very normal if you are guilty of this; after all, experiments conducted by the Centre for Evolutionary Psychology have confirmed that we as humans are visually biased. So popular is the presence of a six or eight pack that it proves that hot bodies arent built on chest alone. This highly sought-after body part is very pleasing to the eyes (and touch) but fully defined abs are not the easiest thing to sculpt. Youve crunched, mountain climbed and side planked, and probably have not seen the results you think you have worked for. This because there many factors which influence the aesthetic, such as your body type, genetics, the contour of your pelvic bone and the composition of your bodys fat. One thing that's certain though is the equation: Exercise + Nutrition = Results. The abdominals, in actuality, are a group of muscles made up of: the Rectus Abdominis muscle, more commonly referred to as the "six pack", which is only visible when the body fat percentage is 11% and below; the External Obliques (with the Internal Obliques beneath) are the muscles that run transversely downwards which help rotate your spine when you move. And lastly, the Transversus Abdominis which is the layer of muscle that holds everything together, compresses them and provides stability to the thoracic and pelvis. I think if the social and functional importance of "abs" were taught in biology class, we would have all paid closer attention to the anatomy section of our textbooks. Keon Dwayne Birch is the managing director and lead transformation specialist at Concierge Fitness Trinidad (CFT). As a Transformation Specialist with CFT, Keon uses fitness and wellness as a form of life coaching to guide his clients on a personal holistic approach to their lives and to empower them to be positive, creative and powerful members of their environment. Keon specialises in dramatic transformations and he has an international reputation for changing lives. You can check out Concierge Fitness Trinidad (CFT) at

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