Pan in the City
  M.A. Ferguson
December 2017

Interview with Joanne Phillips of Epic Events & Marketing Solutions about the event ‘Paninclusive - Pan Lime in D City’ – by M. A. Ferguson

      Q. – Tell us, who is Epic Events & Marketing Solutions?

  1. Epic Events & Marketing Solutions is an event management organisation that was established to produce unique events in Trinidad and Tobago.  Our objective is to coordinate, produce and host opportunities and events that highlight our country’s rich musical, artistic, social and cultural attributes.  Our organisation’s focus therefore is on enhancing cultural and social awareness among our citizens, through their participation in various fora and events.

      Q. - Why Paninclusive? What is the concept behind this event?

  1. We thought that this event would be a nice way to highlight the steelpan, at a different level. We at Epic believe that there is a market for this type of event, whereby many pan enthusiasts can enjoy an evening of pan music, in a classy and elegant way, using the same elements of an all-inclusive party, where one can enjoy great ambiance, great food, great drinks and great friends.  Having had many years of experience event and entertainment industry, we recognised that this type of element was missing from our Carnival.

     Q. - An all-inclusive party featuring pan! So, what kind of musical entertainment              can patrons expect?

  1. Our guests can expect the best of pan! What we would call pan royalty! We will welcome our guests with the sounds of Caribbean Airlines Invaders, a band that perfects sound, as well as presentation. Guests will then be treated to an on-stage performance by our reigning Panorama champions, Massy Trinidad All Stars; then we will chip home to the music of Woodbrook Playboyz. Pan will be well-represented at Paninclusive!

     Q. – Will there be any music other than pan?

  1. Certainly! It’s an all-inclusive party, so we will have the biggest cross-over band in Trinidad and Tobago, Dil-E-Nadan; followed by D All Starz Band, which is probably the biggest brass band in Trinidad and Tobago; and of course, the ever-timeless David Michael Rudder, who will be performing with the Wayne Bruno band.

      Q. - What will be the all-inclusive elements of this event?

  1. - Undoubtedly, there will be premium drinks! In addition to which, our guests will experience a culinary explosion - a food journey over six countries of the world: Thailand, Morocco, Italy, Mexico, France, the Caribbean and of course party-central Trinidad and Tobago! Guests can look forward to a live pasta station, where our chef will be cooking pasta on the spot; a live seafood station; a grill station; suckling pig and wildmeat. Like most all-inclusive parties, Paninclusive will be parking-inclusive; secure parking will be available at the Parkade, just a few footsteps away from the party. Then there is the ambience – we will feature an elegant dining space; three large bars; satellite food stations; various Caribbean cocktail stations; and three dessert stations, including a cheesecake boutique, frozen desserts and local desserts. With respect to the venue, our guests will enjoy an open-air space, as well as an upper deck and will be treated to welcome drinks and special hors d’oeuvres. And, because Paninclusive is all inclusive, we would like our guests to enhance our décor, by wearing white!

     Q. – Is Paninclusive solely a for-profit event?

  1. Not at all! We are pleased to have an element, which gives back, with a focus on pan.  Because we have recognised the value of pan to our culture and the talent among the youth and pannists alike, Epic Events & Marketing Solutions, through Paninclusive is offering a scholarship for a young pannist and this year’s recipient will be a member of Massy Trinidad All Stars.  Paninclusive, will therefore provide the opportunity for a young musician to study music at the tertiary level in Trinidad and Tobago, to further develop their musical skills. In the future, based on the success of the event, a similar scholarship will be offered to the defending Panorama champions annually.

      Q. – When and where is your event and where can one get tickets?

  1. Paninclusive will be held on February 4, 2018, at the Government Campus Plaza, from 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.  Tickets cost $800.00 and can be obtained from Ticket Federation, Ticket Gateway and from committee members at 718-0175; 767-3327; 789-5345.

By: M.A. Ferguson | FEATURES | December 2017